Junior Tournament begins Tuesday, Aug 1st

Play-off Schedule – Juniors

The regular season finished Thursday, July 27, which sets the seeding for our tournament. PowerHouse earned the top spot with a 20-4 record. Putt-Putt is the second seed at 13-11, followed by No. 3 Bowlers Country Club (10-14), No. 4 Palmers Funeral Homes (9-15) and No. 5 Holy Smokes Pizza (8-16).

Our Microsite will be kept up-to-date during the tournament, but only for the next day’s block of games. Also, the site will show one team as home and the other as a visitor, but that decision will be made by a coin flip before each game.

Aug. 1st

6:30 (Game 1): Bowlers Country Club vs. Palmer Funeral Homes – Green Diamond

6:30 (Game 2): Putt-Putt vs. Holy Smokes Pizza – Yellow Field

7:30 (Game 3): Winner from Game 1 vs. PowerHouse – Yellow Field

Aug. 3rd

6:30 (Game 4): Winner from Game 2 vs. Winner from Game 3 – Yellow Diamond.

6:30 (Game 5): Loser from Game 1 vs. Loser from Game 2 – West Diamond.

7:30 (Game 6): Loser from Game 3 vs. Winner from Game 5 – Yellow Diamond.

(By the end of this day, two teams will be eliminated.)

Aug. 8th

7:30 (Game 7): Loser from Game 4 vs. Winner from Game 6 – Yellow Field

(This match eliminates a third team.)

Aug 10th

Championship day: Details of that will be announced soon. The winners bracket team, the winner of Game 4, will play the losers bracket representative, the winner of Game 7, at 6:30. If the losers bracket team wins, it will force a second final game at 7:30. The winner will be our champion.

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