Senior division team photos

By Ken Bradford

Here are the five teams in the senior division.

The O.C. Hardware team. From left are Ken Bradford, Neil Andrews, Bob Tajkowski, Mark Witkowski, Ed Jankowski, Kirby Sprouls, Bobby Hughes, Bobby Knight and Bill Schell. Missing are Dave Ferency, Bob Jameson, Mike Myers and Mike Szymczak.

The Prep & Polish team. In front, from left, are Bob White, Tom Baiz, Phil Zillman, John Albers and George Hartman. In back are Doug Hann, Mike Clark, Jerome Keller, Joe Caruso, Xavier Creary, Heinz Hayen and Ron Betzer. Missing are Tod Moorhead, Terry Hayden and Ken Richmond.

The South Bend Brew Werks team. In front, from left, are Dan Reck, Dave Melander, Ron Wilson, Mike Catanzarite and Corky Towne. In back are John Kjoller, Paul Williams, Faron Lubbers, Paul Wasowski, Mike Pino and Randy Robertson.

The Unity Gardens team. In front, from left, are Don Torok, John Coyle, Steve Klujsza, Russ Kintzele, Dennis Hartsell and Gary Marcus. In back are Gene Kwasniak, Denis Hestad, Emery Hirschler, Dan Thomas, Randy Miller, Jerry AuFrance, Bob Torok, Dale Coleman, Kelly Moyer and Derek Dieter.

The Wesolowski Insurance team. In front, from left, are Keith Peczkowski, Bob Fonseca, Bruce Cernak and Dave Varner. In back are Jerry Hopkins, Jimmy Arnett, Rich Sparks, Gary Duddleson, Jim Gannarelli, Steve Sporinsky and Curtis Kent.

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