Junior division team photos

By Ken Bradford

                When I first joined the league a decade ago, I knew only two or three other players. I found myself on a team with unfamiliar guys named Woody, Coach and the Rev. It took a couple of seasons before I knew that Woody was actually Dave Widmar, Coach was Dave Pontius and the Rev was Steve Latzke.

                Elsewhere in the league were at least three guys known as Doc. Everyone knew Snookie, but almost no one knew him as Dave Ferency.

                Over the years, I ran across many players who were identified only by their physical descriptions. James Beldon, for example, was The Deaf Guy. For others, it was their race or their weight or their height. For all I know, people might have known me only as that big, loudmouth, know-it-all idiot.

                It would be better if we knew each other’s names. That way, if we run into each other in a grocery or at Coveleski, we can have an actual conversation and make accurate introductions to our spouses.

                That’s one of the reasons why we’re posting team pictures here. You can match a face with a name. This also is another way to remind ourselves which teams our fellow players are on. If you’re a teammate of Tom Baiz or Bob White on Prep & Polish in the seniors, for example, you’ll also see them with Palmer Funeral Homes in the juniors.

                It’s taken me 10 years and I still know only about 80 percent of the names in our league. This is an attempt to do better than that.

Bowlers Country Club


From left are Barry Schiff, Art Krop, Paul Kazmierczak, Marvin Whitehead, Ron Duvall, Tim Bauer, Dirk Young, Jeff Hainey, Dennis Taylor and Dan Murphey.

Holy Smokes Pizza

In front, from left, are Mike Clark, Jose DeLeon, Rodney Smith and Dennis Hartsell. In back are Al Nutting, Bob Fonseca, Jim Lewallen, Jerry AuFrance, Sean Chiszar, Jimmy Arnett, Mark Witkowski, Jim Gannarelli and Alan Foust.

Palmer Funeral Homes

In front, from left, are Ken Bradford, Gary Duddleson, Bob White, Tom Baiz and Curtis Kent. In back are Doug Hann, Dan Reck, Paul Williams, Randy Miller, Phil Zillman, Joe Caruso, Steve Sporinsky and Rick Betzer.  Missing is Ron Betzer.

Power House Electric

In front, from left, as Mike Ernzen, Matt Creviston, Tom Barnes, John Albers, Adam Kroemer and Bill Snyder. Standing are Bob Knight, Gerard Xaver, Jerome Keller, Jim Hill, Jim Ridenour, Jim Nace, Kirby Prenkert and Mike Catanzarite. Missing are Tod Moorhead and Ted Panagatos.


In front, from left, Mark Kruszynski, Andy Gemskie, Dave Melander, Ed Jankowski, Don Torok, Scott Martin. In back are John Rice, Rob Harris, Scott Britton, Faron Lubbers, Mike Fair, Frank Gorny and Joe Gambill.  Missing are Bob Gorny and Wayne Quigley.

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