2024 season is upon us

We are about a month away from the start of the season. As a refresher, a comprehensive list of rules was published on this site on May 1, 2023.

There is one change for the 2024 season, and it regards bats. In order to streamline bat rules, changes regarding age and bat usage have been implemented.

In addition, one of the points of emphasis is the substitution rules, which delineates where subs can play in the field and hit in the batting order. These will be enforced. Also, the protective gear rules established in 2023 will remain in place this year. These three points of emphasis have been re-posted below.

Gameday Substitutes

  • If a sub is used, opposing manager should be made aware as a courtesy
  • Limit: Up to 3 permitted/team.
  • Gameday subs must be age appropriate for the division.
  • Any league member may sub
  • A non-league member may sub (waiver required.)
  • All subs must bat and play field.
  • Subs must be placed at the bottom of the batting order
  • Positions:
    • If 1 sub used, sub must play RF
    • If 2 subs: RF and Catcher
    • If 3 subs: RF, Catcher, RCF
    • Exception: (Senior Division Only) If a team lacks a pitcher and both managers agree, then a sub may pitch.


  • Senior Division: Any bat provided it does not exceed a 1.21 BPF rating (Bat Performance Factor). 
  • Junior Division:
    • 61 and under can use single wall, double wall or wood bat.
    • 62 and older may use the above or composite (cannot exceed 1.21 BPF.)
  • Both Divisions:
    • Any player using an illegal bat may be called out by the umpire if an appeal is made before the next live pitch.
    • Approved bats are those bearing markers from the USSSA, NSA, ISA or ASA.

Protective Gear

  • Players participate at their own risk.
  • Wearable PPE is encouraged per the desired degree of protection.
  • Pitching screen will be permitted (Senior Division).

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